Last week I attended the 99u conference in New York City and was, at times (and sometimes all at once) amazed, inspired, blown away, moved, and changed.

One project that won’t leave my mind is Pixel Trade – Shantanu Starick, an Australian photographer with bags of talent and a different view of the world is living without money. Yes, no money at all. He travels trading his photography for food, lodgings and travel. So far he is in month 23 of the project, has visited 5 out of 7 continents, completed 162 trades and has spent NO money at all.

He explains: “When I was a young lad, I wanted to be friends with every person I could. It wasn’t just the cute freckly one with the pigtails or the boy with the best slingshot collection – I wanted to play with all the kids. I could never focus on just one story, one object, or follow just one whim.”

Shantanu is an incredible photographer with a refreshing world view. I am already planning on using him for something – I have to.

You can find out more here. And please find him some work (especially if you are on one of the continents he hasn’t visited yet).

As Shantanu would say “Give a little, and you get a lot back.”

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