The Passion Series is an inspiring collection of short documentaries about people and their unique passions. Each film immerses you into the world of a soul that has been set on fire. Through this exploration, you’ll discover why these people do what they do and what drives their spirit. Created by two friends of mine, Brian C Miller Richard & Natalie Kingston who have a  shared passion for telling stories through beautiful moving images. To quote them:

“We believe that passion itself is a huge ball of energy that is spread like wildfire. By using the fuel from our own passion we want to showcase others’ passions so you, in turn, may be inspired to go out and do what you love.”

The latest film is all about one of my best friends, Silvia Bertolazzi, a women who followed her passion to open Carpe Diem! Gelato – Espresso Bar – Of course I’m completely biased but you should watch this and be prepared to be inspired:

You can find the rest of the Passion Series here, bookmark the page – you are going to want to return!