In Tokyo there are Nap Cafés – yes places where you can go and take a nap – as someone who regular gets up at 4.30/5am an early afternoon nap is sometimes a treasured thing. When I’m traveling a Nap Café would be a most welcome place. ‘Nap Cafe Corne’ is a females-only nap café where women on-the-go can pay a small fee to catch a couple of Zs in comfort. The cosy nap café is not the first of its kind in Japan, but its attentive service, female policy, and low prices has earned it quite some popularity in Tokyo.

You can  also make use the make-up and changing rooms, have snacks and drinks, and use the kitchen and restroom. A change of clothes can be provided for those who do not wish to have their outfits wrinkled, or have been drenched in the rain.

The spaces for napping have a meditative ambiance, featuring long couches with canopy curtains for privacy. The space provides relaxing aroma oils and different types of pillows. Obviously they can’t make you nap, you can read a book, relax, and recharge your laptop (or other devices) as well as your body.

I think these places will show up in larger cities all over the world. This post couldn’t help remind me of my father. On his first visit to the US he saw a sign for Restrooms at the airport, and remarked what a wonderful idea it was that people could grab a nap between flights – Dad, you were way ahead of your time!

(via designtaxi)