behind the scenes41Lafayette, LA  knows that it will continue growing, that the population will increase – and it is planning for that future. Some of the decisions made now will help shape Lafayette – what kind of people will move here, how the city will grow, what facilities are important to that growth. For many the comprehensive plan has been, so far, a phrase they have heard muttered on the news, or something some committee talk about behind closed doors – this all changes now. On May 14th & 15th there is a chance to show up, learn and vote for want YOU want the future to look like. There are some options – MULTI-CENTER GROWTH, BALANCED GROWTH, CORRIDOR GROWTH, and NO PLAN . There is a website where you can learn about these options, sign up for updates, and generally get more informed about the process. Lafayette is going all out to get you involved – yesterday they filmed a tv commercial and I was there behind the scenes, the photos are below. Get involved – Help shape the Lafayette you want.

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