Welcome to the DO GOOD project.

This is what I know so far:

The DO GOOD project has been in my head for a couple of years, but I only put it on Facebook yesterday, and today we are ready to reveal it to the world because of our wonderful title sponsor, Home Bank. We love you Home Bank. A lot.

This is Lafayette, Louisiana based this year – if you want to do this in your town I am happy to share whatever I know. The idea is this. We give 15-20 creative / businessy / interesting people $50 each to go and DO GOOD. It’s that simple. They can give it away to a stranger, use it as seed money to raise more for a non-profit of their choice, use it to buy stuff and give that away, use it to buy stuff and raise money, anything.

We will probably launch sometime next week (yes we are moving quickly on this) and run until the first week of January. It will be great to start the year with some wonderful stories of DOing GOOD.

There will be prizes (but more for fun and bragging rights) – everyone wins here! – At the moment the categories are: Person who raises the most money for their chosen cause, Person who helps the most people, Person who makes the biggest impact on one person. We will have others, and they will probably be silly.

We still need:

1. Sponsorships/donations of $50 and up. These people will be thanked profusely, their name put on materials we hand out and we will remember them in our prayers.

2. Creative People from all walks of life to play – this is a tough one as ALL of my friends are creative, so we have a group of people who will choose from those nominated. (You can nominate someone by email here) , some will be hand-picked, and some will be thrown into a hat and picked at random. That way we can make sure we have a diverse range of people, and some picked by fate.

3. Prizes – these should be nice things that people want.

This is where I start thanking you, I will have a lot of that to do. My phone number is in the footer if you want more info/ have something to offer or you can email me , or tweet me @aileenbe. Please be patient, we will try and include everyone!

UPDATE: The first ten players are in place – and boy are they a great group of people! – I am finalizing the last 10. If you would like to take part please let me know. We kick off on Tuesday (yes, it’s all very fast). I’m overwhelmed by the response and trying to keep it all together at the moment. More details soon.