You’ve read part one – now it’s time to hear what the remaining 9 do-gooders did with their $50.

Geoff Daily created “Do Good dollar bills” and gave one to each do-gooder to remind them of the effect they had and to continue the process (the other dollars went to those who helped in other ways). It was a wonderful reminder of the project.

Doug Meaux used his money to create ‘Christmas on a bus” – he took the city bus on Christmas Eve and bought passes for those in need, he and his beautiful daughters also handed out donuts and maybe, most importantly, made real connections with the people traveling and listened to their stories. I’m sure when they get on that bus now they remember his kindness.

Brian Bille is using his $50 (and a donation from Academy) to help a kid with sports equipment and to mentor him. Brian told us how sports had changed his life and how he hopes he can pass this one to a new generation.

Floyd Willis donated his money to ARF (the Acadiana rescue foundation) – his donation was matched by others and he collected other items the foundation needed like dog food, cages and blankets. Many happy wagging tails are the result of his good work.

Marcus Mire used his cash as the start of a fundraising effort for a beautiful couple who have a baby in the NICU. Along with a group of friends he multiplied the money many times over and created a thoughtful care package containing snacks, gift cards to restaurants local to the hospital, blankets and other practical things the family needed. His effort made a real difference in the lives of some great people.

Brian Holmes donated his money to KIVA – a micro loan company helping those in developing countries. He loaned his money to Francis, a 52 year old cereal seller in Kenya to help him purchase more stock. In 8 months this loan will be repaid and loaned to someone else in the scheme. Brian will never be able to measure the effect that his money has on lives of people he will probably never meet. This makes me smile.

Zachary Barker is using his money, along with some more that he raised to help a local organization grow. The 705 – a group for emerging leaders are ready to become their own non profit entity and his money will help fund the paperwork and filing needed to make this happen.

Tony Bonomolo used his money (and collected more) to buy bike lights at cost. His group Bike Lafayette, will patrol for bikes that have no lights and anonymously fix them onto the bikes. Bike deaths have taken lives of people we all know locally this year so this is a project close to our hearts.

Susannah Craig used her $50 to buy supplies so she could share her love (and knowledge) of pottery with groups of children that wouldn’t usually get to learn. She also shared with us a lesson about letting others do the sharing. I know how she feels.

Chris Segura helped a local musician who is injured and can’t work at the moment.  The musician has mentored so many in his lifetime that the community is rallying and helping him in his time of need. What goes around comes around – what a great way to pay it forward and pay it back.

So that’s a quick summary of what all 22 people did, again we couldn’t have done it without Home Bank and our other sponsors, and the community that surrounds us all and supports doing good.