I think I may have found this summer’s most sensible craze – an easy way to make beautiful, fast, healthy (or unhealthy) popsicles or (ice lollies as I grew up calling them) – The Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  In town we have a wonderful store called Red Arrow Workshop (it’s like this blog come to life) and I was chatting to one of the owners when he showed me this amazing creation. (Thanks Jason.) It’s a simple unit that you place in your freezer for 24 hours – and after that you get to create your own popsicles that freeze within minutes. Honestly.

I took photos of our very first attempt so you could see the real versions (no marketing stuff here). The best bit for me (and I’m guessing lots of you) is that you can make the pops from fruit, yogurt and other healthy stuff you have lying around. It’s a great way to get your kids to love eating healthy stuff  – and love making it too (and it will save you money).

The process was simple (just like they say)…They freeze in front of your eyes. We started with a strawberry banana mixed pop, and my husband loved the banana mix so much that we made more of just that.I have a feeling many experiments are about to take place. Peanut Butter is on the list for sure.

This is the perfect family gift for this summer and I have a feeling they will be the hottest things around. If you are in or near Lafayette, grab one from Red Arrow Workshop – or call them on (337) 504-243, if not please go and hunt down your local cool stuff store.

banana mix nom nom two flavors lick it.. strawberry banana mmmmm freeze pouring strawberriesour_products_quick_pop_maker