At the moment, much of the gulf coast of the U.S.  is living in what is referred to as the “cone of uncertainty” – the area in which a hurricane could strike. (I am in Lafayette – see map above). Everyone has their opinions about whether it’s going to move east or west, if a front is going to come in and change things or if it will just magically dissipate, but in the meantime we prepare. Some prepare for the worst (generators, escape plans, enough food for the apocalypse) others make sure they have plenty of snacks in the cupboard. The truth is that we are all, always, living in the cone of uncertainty – every decision we make, every outside influence (from our clients, our boss or a random stranger) could change our path. We tend to make plans that go in a straight line, and get stressed, disappointed, or defeated if we are blown off course by others when really we should know that’s going to happen. You may not be able to see your cone, and it certainly won’t be updated every few hours on the news, but it’s there – embrace it and make the preparations you see fit.