There is no defending it – you either love it or you don’t. The Clampersand is one of my favorite objects, I think I must smile every time I see it and it’s right by my desk in my studio. You can clamp thing with it, you can use it as a photo prop that says “I’m pretty cool” or you can just adopt it as a member of the family. It’s up to you. Oh yes, I nearly forgot because I was smiling at it again, it’s now available in colors – saffron, ruby red, orange, pastel blue and olive drab. (olive drab may be my new favorite name for a color). The plain, old, beautiful, silver ones are available too.

They live over at Core77 – you really should go and see*

*I get nothing for sending you there, just the knowledge that you too, will have an object that will make you smile.