I’m not sure quite how this works but I’m fascinated. Yesterday I got an email from Tonx coffee (a subscription based service for great coffee)  offering a card exchange – with your Starbucks card! Yes, you can exchange the balance on your Starbucks card towards the coffee offered by Tonx. They say:

“Our mission is to make drinking better coffee as simple as possible. We hope this helps.”


tonxThis should be interesting. If you would like a free trial of Tonx then use my link here (I get a free t-shirt or something cool but I’m not paid to endorse them. I just thought this concept was clever).

If you have a Starbucks Card and would like to get some truly great coffee with it, simply visit Tonx.org/better, enter the card number and security code, and the full card value will be transferred to your Tonx account where you can apply it to a new or existing coffee subscription.