I came across this website at the weekend and I loved the concept. The Amazings is based on a simple premise : “Society has always learned from its elders. But somewhere along the way we have lost that connection between generations – which means losing rich, valuable, and rare skills. We’re on a mission to fix this”.

They have a collection of people over 50 with amazing life experiences who offer classes to help others. At the moment all the classes are in London, but I’m going to watch and see if they decide to offer an online model. I think this is going to be hugely successful, among other things you can learn to play bottle neck guitar from the guitarist in The Stranglers (yes I’m showing my age here, google them) – watch the intro below.

John, Guitarist from The Amazings on Vimeo.

I hope this idea spreads in a variety of ways – How can you help people learn something from someone who really knows? How can you teach someone something that you have real experience in.