I decided this year I needed more than a resolution or two… I needed a whole manifesto. Inspired by the Holstee Manifesto (that hangs in my living room) I thought it was time to get creative.

I created mine in indesign – but you could do pretty much the same thing in a word program (or other design program). If you don’t have access to a computer (or want to get really crafty) you could draw, paint, cut out words from magazines. Make it as personal as you can. You don’t have to give anything private away (some words can just trigger a meaning for you that no-one else will understand). Day dream a little while you make it. Give yourself something to live up to.

If you are using a computer consider sending it a local print shop who have a digital printer. They can do very impressive prints larger than you can, and charge very little. Mine is 9″ by 17″ and costs under a dollar. It has a quality that I can’t get from my home printer.

Go on it’s a new year, get creative.

Put it up where you can see it everyday – no forgotten resolutions this year!

If you need some help to get going fill out the questions here

UPDATE: Thank you to Craftgawker for featuring this post – welcome to all the new visitors from there, I am pleased to see you.

UPDATE 2: A few companies have asked me to work with them to produce one of these for the workplace – if you are interested in this let me know. Great for teams, departments or small companies.

UPDATE 3: Thank you to Craftzine for featuring this poster – I’m getting lots of feedback from people making their own versions, if you would like to please send me a photo of your poster and I’ll put together a gallery so you can all inspire others – Email

UPDATE 4: Checkout the new gallery – I will be adding more photos as I find them. If you would like yours including please email it to me  here – please include your name if you want it used – I am hoping to have some up today (friday 11th Jan) and add more over the weekend.