Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 6.11.58 AMMost of us, at some point, have commented that clothes don’t last the way we think they should. Flint and Tinder noticed the same thing – and have set out to rectify the problem by introducing the 10-year hoodie. I’m a hoodie person, most nights, however warm it is, I end up sitting on the coach with a hoodie on (yes with the hood up). I write countless blog posts that way. (Aileen secret #4639). Watch the video below to see how this hoodie is made (so well that they offer to mend it for free).

“It’s not that it’s so cheap that we can replace it… it’s so well made, we’ll mend it free of charge!”

The Hoodie is on kickstarter now (but you’ll have to move quick because it’s very popular – at the time of writing they had $406,000 of a $50,000 goal)

Even if you don’t buy a shirt, watch the video and ask yourself – How can my business deliver a promise that will resonate with our customers? What quality can we be proud of that will also make us stand out? I will be showing this video to some of my clients and asking the same thing. And yes, I bought a hoodie. (Go visit their site and read the underwear story)