I love it when my friends are creative – and Natalie Kingston is the director of photography on a new Kickstarter film that looks very interesting – I cant’ wait to see it.

When Pearl, an elderly woman, accidentally locks herself out of her home she sets off on an unintended journey…..

From director, Misty Talley:

‘Ten to Sing’ is a coming of age story in reverse. As our lives go on and our perspectives shift, it is easy to forget to enjoy the world around us and experience life. With all of the experience and confidence gained from my directorial debut ‘Soup’s On!’, I’m exited to make my second short film. With your help, we can turn my vision for ‘Ten to Sing’ into a unique, touching, and visceral movie ready to light up the screen on the film festival circuit.”

With Misty directing, Natalie as director of photography and the writing of Rebecca Flores, I’m already hooked. Please consider going to their kickstarter page and helping this movie get made. I’m headed there now.