3bottlesBigIt doesn’t get much greener than this, a glass bottle to store tap water in. Yes it’s simple but I love the way it glorifies what it is (with great typography). It comes empty- you fill it from the tap. The site has some great facts about our plastic bottle usage – and why a simple glass bottle works. “Remember the days when we drank water from the tap? We still can, but we’ve been convinced bottled water is better for us and we should stick to using tap water to wash our socks. The truth is, the only people bottled water really is better for are the peddlers pushing it. What they “forget” to mention is, almost half of all bottled water comes from the same place as our tap water, only it’s not as well regulated. Instead it get all dressed up in plastic and shipped around, soaking up nasty chemicals until it’s bought. Um, no thanks plastic, bottle. Bring back the tap!” Find out more from Tap Water Bottle