You know those cool campaigns that you wish you’d known about earlier – well, this is one we are just in time to help out. From a conversation about how we are all judged by stereotypes came a t-shirt line that will help others (I love those type of conversations) – “Every time someone purchases one of our shirts, they are helping another individual. Each sale donates ten percent towards our educational outreach program and scholarship funds. The educational outreach program teaches both children and adults about how placing a negative stereotype on someone can have a harmful impact and explores the concept of unity within diversity. Our scholarships will be awarded to at-risk youth and others who are positively contributing to their community”

Watch the video below and then scoot over to their indiegogo page and grab a shirt. There is no easier way to help change the world on a Monday morning. Let’s help them help others. (Thanks Bryan for sending me this – I have claimed my shirt)