A few nights ago I went to see, ‘Her’, a movie directed by Spike Jonze. It’s visually stunning, just the right amount of quirky, and deeply fascinating as you start to think about the whole concept. (A man who falls in love with an operating system)her-1

I’m not the type to give away a storyline so go and see it, although be warned, the older couple next to us left about 6 minutes in when the “dead cat around my neck” scene happened.

The other thing I came away with were:

1. Theodore Twombly is a name right out of a Dickens novel and is delightful.

2. We’d be in trouble if operating systems sounded like Scarlett Johansson.

3. The Lamps in the movie are all exquisite. Thanks to Gene Serdena  for the set design. When I got home I was still obsessed with them and I (as I do) started googling, to see what I could find out. That’s when I came across this old gem, quite unrelated but a beautiful coincidence. A commercial for an Ikea Lamp directed by Spike Jonze. Yes, really.

You should watch it until the end: It’s worth it, I promise.

Sometimes it’s doing the unexpected that gets your brand message across.

How do you show that your business is unboring?