This morning Snowmen will arrive in Louisiana. They will call them sneaux-men.

Carpe Diem! – Gelato – Espresso Bar is preparing for an invasion of cuteness, by serving gelato snowmen, the tastiest Christmas treat around, and I think, the start of a new tradition for many families.

Each frosty treat is made with love by the staff and is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit (if it doesn’t there really is no hope). They have a host of Christmas flavors, including SNOW (minty and sparkling white) for you to choose to build your snowperson. I can promise from experience that they taste delicious and make you smile. (The photo is the empty dish is what was left of my snowman)

Apart from the cute factor (which is pretty high) these make great business sense.


Carpe Diem called me in to help come up with a low cost, fun, way to get people to think about gelato at this time of year and this is what we came up with. It uses their product in a new way that embraces both its qualities and adds a new twist and should help people to think of Carpe Diem! as a great place to take the family as both a fun treat, and a break from all the hustle and traffic.

What can you do at your business from the things you already have, how can a small twist make an impact?