Marketing copy should never read like marketing copy. The words you use are a big part of your brand, just as important as your logo (maybe even more so). They are the voice of your company. The words you use choose your audience. Yes read that again – the words you use choose your audience. You can be authoritarian, casual, brief, funny, factual, romantic, you get the picture. Recently the quite brilliant, Sarah Von Bargen from Yes and Yes shared some copy she had written for a children’s clothing website that gave me client envy for an hour and twenty minutes. Her brief “funny, slightly snarky, story-based copy for the product descriptions.”

She had a lot of fun with it –

Soho Sweater You’re no wallflower. You’re not one of those guys who leans against the wall, nursing a sippy cup, too anxious to join the fray. You’ll make a grab for the best blocks, share your snack with that blonde cutie, volunteer for puppet time. 

This bold sweater announces to the montessori class that you’re a force to be reckoned with. A well-dressed force.’

“Look At Me Biscuit Pants When you spend months learning how to walk, you really want people to pay attention to those legs of yours. You’ve graduated from the stroller (most days) and you’re striding through the big wide world like the little man you are. Central Park? Walked through it. Da Silvano? Ran around it while Mommy chased you. San Diego Zoo? Skipped through it till you got tired and wanted to be carried.

 All while wearing these amazing pants.”

Find more descriptions and clothes here.

I just want to use the phrase “Look at me biscuit pants” sometime today. Ask yourself what words go with your brand? What tone of voice represents who you represent? It matters. It matters a lot. When I read well written descriptions I trust your brand a little more. After all, if you’ve taken time to care about that then your products or services must be excellent, right?

You can find Sarah’s blog here. I read it.