Once upon a time I was the only voice in the room talking about stories. I would pipe up in my English accent and ask “What’s the story we are telling here?,” I’d be the one reminding people that it was about people, not products.

I once interrupted a meeting to ask if anyone was having fun? (yes, I’m that woman) because if we weren’t having fun planning the campaign then it probably wasn’t going to be much fun to experience.

Once upon a time I was the only voice in the room, not any longer. People are getting it. They are getting that it’s always about people. Now my job is not to remind them any longer, but to make sure it’s not just another tactic – it’s not about people to sell more stuff. It’s about people because it’s about people. People with feelings, needs, wants, desires. People who can smell fake, are perceptive to bullshit, and don’t need to be told what’s real.

Yes, smart people are attracted to stories, not feature lists.