An adopt a dog commercial that shows happy dogs, instead of neglected ones. Yes, someone is thinking right. Show the upside of any product, the results – that’s what we buy. This is beautiful and I’m guessing will have a bigger impact than yet another from the genre: “neglected dogs with sad eyes and a ballad playing in the background” (I’m sure that is a genre, if not, it should be). This ad was written and directed by BBH London Creative Director Dominic Goldman who “simply can’t bear to watch ads about abused or starving animals. It’s just too upsetting. I wanted to write an ad that spoke the truth about what dogs give us – how they make us feel. Why we love them so much.”

He certainly got it right. I’m going to stop writing so you can watch the commercial below – it’s called unloved (and it’s not the dogs that feel that way)

(via Best Ads on TV)