I never steal other people’s posts but this was too perfect NOT to share. I get Seth Godin’s blog posts via email everyday. It’s the one blog I would recommend above all others. This is what I mean by CLEVER. This is what I seek to feature on this blog.

“Didn’t get the joke

The secret of good reviews and positive word of mouth is simple: if people get the joke, feel like insiders, finish the book, grow, learn, and are part of what you make, you win.

If they don’t, if your product or service makes them feel dumb or poor or excluded, they won’t talk about you the same way.

You don’t need everyone to talk about you. But obsessing about making a target group feel smart and successful is a great way to make those conversations happen.

The flip side: if someone outside of the target group doesn’t get the joke, don’t worry. That’s not why you made your art in the first place.

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