Yesterday was like Christmas in my office. My Seth Godin Kickstarter package arrived and contained among other things a behemoth book – this is the biggest book I’ve ever owned. I’m told it weighs 19lbs and I know it measures 11″x 15″ x 3″ – now that’s a way to make an impression. I will read every page (over 80 very large ones)… and some days it may count as my workout too. Seth published this as a collection of his writings, musings, blog posts etc… The beauty is that all of it can be found online. Information isn’t king anymore, presenting it in a certain way is. I also got a couple copies of his upcoming Alphabet book for grown-ups V is for Vulnerable (S is for shame, O is for one buttock – you have to read this thing) and some copies of his new book, out at the end of the year The Icarus Deception (which I’m loving so far) and is regular size (see below). If you would like a chance to win a copy of The Icarus Deception BEFORE it’s available in the store then you’ll need my USA X celebration giveaway (click on one of the photos below).