This Indiegogo campaign will save both save lives and stop you getting mosquito bites – that’s a huge win for everyone.

Kite™ Mosquito Patch is a small, powerful patch that allows humans to go virtually undetected by mosquitoes for up to 48 hours – yes, really. No spraying yourself, or the environment with scary chemicals. Just a sticker that confuses mosquitoes (that’s my scientific explanation). Watch the video above for more details.

This project will be tested in Uganda – where malaria infection rates are over 60% – a place where mosquitoes can mean life or death.

So if you want to save lives, or simply get one step closer to eliminating those annoying creatures from your life, this is a great project to back. They made their total in 24 hours, and have, at the time of me writing this, raised $262,976 of their $75,000 Goal – they still need your help though. The more they raise, the more good they can do. If you can’t donate (the donations send patches to Uganda, and you can get some for yourself) then please at least share this with someone. This matters.

Find out more here.