The World Cup is coming – and as always I’m excited and prepared for the heartbreak (I’m English). I wanted to share this new powerful commercial from Nike Football (agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland) that features Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar as they prepare for the world cup. If you are not into football, watch it anyway – and then ask yourself – What does it look like / feel like when I (or my clients) prepare? Sometimes the drama you are looking for (from a marketing standpoint) is in the background, not in the product. What would happen if you took this pressure and showed a baker baking the perfect cupcake, or a manufacturer worrying about the process, or all the hours a designer puts into her work?

There is always something to learn from good work – and from bad work.

For those of you who love football, this perfectly captures the excitement and build-up to the World Cup. The sound track alone will get your blood pumping. Enjoy.