Post-it notes are one of those things that shouldn’t be vital, in these days of “less-paper” and smart phones and tablets and siri to to remind us of things, post-it notes shouldn’t matter anymore. But they do. I use them in endless ways… obviously I can’t list them here because they are endless. Post-it notes may have just become even better – or at least a new version of them MAGNETIC, paper that sticks to walls, wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass, textile, stone, paper, and more. (It’s not really magnetic, it’s more static). You can (of course) write on it, both sides – and reuse it. sticks


It’s on kickstarter – but only for another 50 hours –  so maybe I should stop talking and you should go and learn more over there. Yes, I have backed it. No, I don’t get anything for sharing it on my blog – I’m just excited about it. Find out more here.