insituposters-copy2TSS6-1024x512I have been researching Pop-Up stores lately for an idea I’m working on, and I just came across a simple, clever idea. A pop up clothing store for the homeless.

The Street Store is created by a variety of cardboard posters that turn any sidewalk or fence into a display area. People can use them as clothes hangers or places to put shoes. The project asks people to donate clothes and shoes they don’t wear and leave them ‘in’ the shop so the homeless can pick them up.

Homeless people get to choose their own clothes (something that is rare) and it’s visible and easy to donate to. This first one is in South Africa, but the creators have made it open source so that anyone can print off the posters and create their own store.

Find out more at The Street Store – is this something your business could organize? or something you can be inspired by?

Who in your community needs help? What is the easiest route to that? How do you make it visible and easy to use?