This little blog is growing… and quickly. I’d like to welcome CENA – Supper made Simple to our list of Sponsors, I can’t wait to tell you about some of the exciting stuff they do, for now please click on their logo (in the right-hand column) and ‘like’ their Facebook page – if you are in a good mood, please also say thank you to them – they help make this happen (along with The Lab and Locals Love Us). It’s great to meet business people who support creativity.

We also have a new section for advertising and a brand new advertiser, Pottery Alley – I know it’s a lot of clicking, but it’s great exercise for your fingers, so go and ‘like’ them too – they are offering 20% off to any new customers who mention creating clever, so go and talk about us and take a class or two (channeling Patrick Swayze of course)

(if you are interested in sponsoring or advertising with creating clever let me know and I’ll tell you the great way it all works)