waga10_0Apart from making me miss Wagamama (and making me hungry) I was fascinated by this article from Creative Review about changing customer behavior using placemats. Noting that most customers ordered the same thing each time they visited, Wagamama (and ad agency 101) produced beautiful photograph placemats that showed off their other dishes, explained what was in them, and showcased other options. Sometimes we think advertising has to be big and clever and expensive, but a bit of thought can change a lot – they have impacted the orders of customers

“It’s been one of our most effective communication channels and the beauty of it is that it’s absolutely free,”

Take a look around your business, what do you print anway? Can you make that beautiful? Can you use it to influence customer behavior (the answer is probably yes).

waga11_0 waga6_0

Read the whole article and see more images over at Creative Review.