It’s been a year since the 2011 riots in London , I remember watching from here, crying for my city and wishing I was home. As it always seem to do, the beauty of the human spirit rises from these occasions – The story of the Peckham Peace Wall has become a permanent public art piece.

“Following the disorder of August 2011, The Peckham Peace Wall was started by four members of Peckham Shed theatre company on a board covering the broken window outside Poundland. This attracted the involvement of thousands of local people whose post-it note messages of love and respect for Peckham grew to eventually fill eight hoardings.

When the time came to replace the windows and remove the original Peckham Peace Wall board, members of the public were anxious not to lose this unique record of the public’s thoughts and emotional response to what had happened within their town centre.”

Thank you Garudio Studiage and thank you the people of Peckham, London. See more pictures here (via notcot)