If you are following me on instagram you’ve already seen (and maybe bought) this print, I thought it was only fair to share it here too.

It was drawn from both photos and hours staring out of a window in Brooklyn. I’ve always been fascinated by the site of lots of buildings, all those windows looking into all those lives. While I was drawing, I was thinking of the hours we spend working alone, thinking no one notices, coming up with ideas that look easy. I wrote this:

“I stared out over the city and was stopped in the moment by the urban grace, the ceaseless architecture and I thought about the hidden lives, the people beneath the rooftops all working on their version of success.

Success doesn’t come in those moments of glory or in the times when people heap praise around you. It comes in the lonely hours of work, the silent stubborn-minded courage to start again and again. It is in the overcoming of a swamp of doubt by taking one trudging step at a time before you know quite where you are heading. It is, ironically in these times that someone is standing and looking over rooftops, inspired.”

I don’t often share my personal work in my blog, but it’s time I told you that your work, whatever it is, inspires me and others, just because you are doing it.

(This print is available in a limited, signed & numbered edition of 50. It is a 12″x16″ giclée print on bright white archival paper – $45 + $6 p&p (US only) Ships flat. If you want it shipped to another country please contact me for prices, it will be shipped in a tube)- the easiest way to buy, is to send me your paypal email address via email or instagram (direct message) and I’ll send you a paypal invoice, once that is paid your print will be sent. Strictly first come, first served (or first paid, first served) – there are about 35 prints left as I write this.