Is this the end of tired?

A very interesting Indiegogo campaign found me yesterday, Sprayable Energy. Yes a spray that works like a energy drink but without the aftertaste, the strange ingredients, and all that stuff. According to the creators of Sprayable Energy

“Sprayable Energy is the world’s first caffeine based topical energy spray. It can be taken in seconds, doesn’t make you crash, is way more affordable than current products, and isn’t full of mystery ingredients.

Sprayable is a colorless, odorless liquid you spray on your skin to get a steady stream of energy for hours. Our patent-pending technology (described below) enables us to deliver just one active ingredient, caffeine, to give you the energy you need without the side effects or safety risks.”

Watch the video to find out more (if you have the energy this morning) and then click over to their page. They have already raised nearly $89,000 – and only had a goal of  $15,000.