I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day – while I’m not against LOVE and all that stuff, I’m not your typical teddy bears and roses type of girl. So this year I thought I’d get punny and share some easy (and very cheap) ways to share your most intimate feelings sense of humor on Valentines Day. Everything was bought from the dollar store, so I don’t have to tell you how much it cost, right? 

And yes, I am sorry (but smiling)

I Glove you – a simple pair of gardening gloves. You could also do puns about hands, weeding (as in “I weed you”) – go on, have some fun, be hands on!

Bring on the car puns – nothing says “you rev my engine” like a toy car.

What guy can resist crazy (Ok, don’t answer that) – you could also write stuff about loosing your head over him, or “you have my head, now find my body” – yes, it’s creepy but I had a lot of fun making it.

Perfect for your knight in shining armor (or at least plastic) – so many knight puns out there.

You can spend a dollar and still make something romantic. This works perfectly for the “I love you everyday line of romance” – you could add a surprise, a love note, or a voucher in each little box.

Want more? (because believe me I have plenty) – Leave me a comment if this makes you smile and I will post more later today… You might not want to miss the guns, the lip balm or the thermometer…
UPDATE: You can find the next lot of ”punny valentines” here. Remember, you asked for it.