To write this blog I look at lot of things – ideas, design, commercials, and some strange googled things that may just lead me somewhere interesting. I try and find something that makes me gasp, not in a bad way, but something that is so clever or beautiful that I actually inhale in admiration.

With that into in mind I present to you, Brilliant Biscuits. Great name, great tin – even better when they are stacked. I may need these shipped from England. (Mum – if you are reading this, you may need to go shopping).


From Makers and Merchants and design company, Horse (worth a click just to see their beautiful minimalist logo even though their website is ‘coming soon’)

And that’s only the start of the range…

Range BalsamOil King_Brown Chillies Panettone
Can someone arrange a delivery please… From Makers & Merchants – I can’t wait to find out more.

Found on Design Ark