My first package from Field Notes

If you go to some people’s houses they have enough canned goods to last them through a hurricane, alien invasion, or apocalypse of some kind. It makes them feel safe. I don’t judge, I have the same need – mine is for notebooks. If, by some strange turn of fate, notebooks stopped being produced I would be OK for the next few years. Not to mention the one’s I make myself (see the esty store link over there)>>>>>

Yes, I do have an Ipad, a powerbook, and endless technology, but nothing beats doodling an idea on the pages of a little notebook. I have gone through many phrases of notebooks but at the moment I’m in love with Field Notes. – they are perfectly sized. Small enough to fit in a pocket or small bag and to get the pleasure of starting a new notebook (that’s always a good day) on a regular enough basis while being big enough to draw and write-in easily

I love this company and everything they do, so I signed up for the subscription – over the year I will be automatically sent 30 books – every quarter I will be running to the post box! (This is not a paid endorsement, they are just a really cool company).