While we were in London this summer we bought a corkscrew. It looked a little different and I loved the packaging. It was an impulse buy. Since then it has become our very favorite way to open wine.  This is genius.

Designed in 1949 (yes really) it was created so the cork came out intact, no cork crumbling here! – and also ” As the legend goes, the Bilame was the favorite tool of waiters in French bistros. Thanks to it, they could have a few sips from bottles and then replace corks without anyone noticing !”

I have searched for a link to get in it the USA and couldn’t find anyone that had it available. I did find this place though, (it’s under $20) they ship to the USA in 2-6 days and postage is calculated by weight. Readers in Europe, you are set, I know John Lewis carries them so I’m sure other places do too. It may look a little strange, but it works effortlessly and is clever and beautiful. A great way to start a bottle of wine if you ask me.

When I have my own little design store (and I will) these will always be in stock)