If you ever ask me about hosting I will send you to Hostgator. I have used them for years and have had very few problems, and when I have, they are great at helping out. They are becoming famous for their Black Friday sale – and have some really great deals. If you need a simple hosting plan, (that allows you to put up multiple sites for one hosting cost) then you may want to look at these guys. I recommend them. I know they have a lot of fans – last year they were a trending topic on twitter on Black Friday (no mean feat)

Full Disclosure Always –  This is an affiliate link – I get a small amount if you buy something, it doesn’t change the cost to you at all. Feel free to go straight to their site by typing hostgator.com into your browser if you wish.

UPDATE: Apparently (so I’ve been told on twitter) the term is nerd, not geek – see I don’t even know the right language for all this stuff)