It’s been one of those mornings. A marzipan balls kind of day. Let me explain…

It started off great. The year has been wonderful so far, my blog has really taken off with my manifesto post being read by nearly 20 thousand people. I was riding high. I had a great breakfast meeting where I discussed a project with a friend and grinned at how wonderful 2012 was going to be.

Then I came home, ready to send out my newsletter. I went into mailchimp and was a little confused, I’d written my newsletter last night but it didn’t look like I remembered. Still, it was going to be a great year and I sent it out…

Then I got a comment on my blog, someone pointing out a small error in my manifesto poster… A WHAT????? ARGHH. Let me explain, I’m one of those people who checks everything 15 times, I pride myself on this (and beat myself up about it). Yes, I had managed to add the line “Workout until it shows, and then some workout some more” – where did that extra ‘some’ come from? It’s not like thousands of people had seen this…. oh wait!

Then I started getting emails from my newsletter – I had sent out last months. All the new subscribers must have thought I was losing it. (My existing subscribers already know that) Apparently MailChimp (whom I love and adore) had  a blip last night (I think a monkey put a banana in the works) and lost some stuff. I held myself together, I remembered I had marzipan balls.

I had bought them at World Market at 75% off – they look like baby potatoes and taste like sugar heaven (if I remembered correctly from last year). Everything would be OK. I had marzipan balls. As I walked to the kitchen from my studio (which is in the back yard) I saw my manifesto. MAKE NEW MISTAKES AND LEARN FROM THEM jumped out at me. I smiled. Then my eye drifted to: EAT FRESH, HEALTHY DELICIOUS FOOD… hmmmm. I knew under that it said (and sometimes just delicious food) but I knew I had meant that for rare occasions not stressful ones.

I laughed at myself for stressing over such minor things. These are new mistakes for me, and I made them all by myself. I updated the manifesto, let go of my stress, and the best bit… I still have marzipan balls, untouched and waiting for the right occasion. (Which will be when I am 20lbs lighter and sharing them with friends)

2012 is going to be a great year. May all your mistakes be this stupid, and may you realize that worrying about stuff like this means life is pretty amazing.