Back in about 2000 I went to a design show in Islington, London and fell in love with the slide light made by two guys names Sam & Jude. It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that slap yourself” moments. I ordered it immediately. I remember waiting and waiting while they developed the prototype but it was worth it, Sam & Jude even came to my flat once when it didn’t work… now they have grown up to be the very successful SUCK UK, and have products all over the world and are known for keeping clever and humor in their designs. I’m very proud to have known them when.

You can buy the Slide Light from GNR8*

Suck UK also make my favorite mirror ever.. and one day it will be mine! It’s not cheap, at just over $700 but it’s beautiful… maybe they will make a handbag version? Why the price? There is a scrolling LED message board and clock mounted behind the mirror showing the time and date, you can program and save personalized messages, time triggered messages, special effects and fonts – all from the remote control or via your PC. Details here from GNR8*