It looks like dollhouses may be the next small thing that’s a big thing. Combining old school imagination and new technology make a dollhouse a long-lasting and much loved plaything – for adults and children. These are some of my choices from around the interwebs, dollhouses that won’t look out of place in any modern home, and a few that I would like to own myself.

1. Beautifully designed for children. This modern dollhouse from Hape has cool colors and an open floor plan and three split levels of living space. Reversible rooftop that you can change from summer to winter.  Four rooms of furniture are included but the years of fun are down to you. Available from Red Arrow Workshop (online and in store) $200

2. Go to ebay and search “tin litho dollhouse’ and you will get a range of the most beautifully designed and printed (on tin) houses. They seem to go from about $50-$250, beautiful vintage items that would look good in any playroom, or in my office.

3. Ikea recently produced a range of their biggest sellers as dollhouse furniture. I think they should offer everything they do in this size so we can create rooms before we buy them. I love the idea of children being able to play with the same furniture that is already in their homes. $12.99 Find it here.

4. Dollhouses are not just for girls and future interior designers – this space station has everything you need let your imagination take you anywhere in the galaxy. It has a working elevator, two astronauts, an alien and a robot, a moon crater, solar panel, flag, treadmill, bed and rolling cart. They had me at ‘an alien and a robot’ $130 Find out more here.

5. I’ve featured this coffee table / dollhouse before on the blog – but it deserved another mention. Beautifully designed and functional (as both things). Much better than a Barbie Dreamhouse. Much cooler than most coffee tables. It’s made from locally grown, sustainable oak and hand crafted in the UK- From Qubis

6. Sibi Villa Sibi Doll House, Garden and Pool House – yes, it’s mid-century modern and so beautiful I want to live in it myself. Has anyone perfected the shrinking technique for humans yet? From All Modern and a hefty $960 (but shipping is free).

7. I’ve always wanted to own an Eames Lounge Chair, the miniature versions from Vitra are stunning and perfect in every way but are still $755. Recent developments with 3d printing have meant that less expensive versions are coming out. This one is from Shapeways and starts at just over $25 which is 1:67th of the full size price. (If you are buying it for a dollhouse then check the scale)

8. For those who want something a little different, this is a scale model of the house from the Golden Girls. For die-hard fans it includes:

“Sophia’s bamboo purse in the living room
– Rose’s painting of St. Olaf from Season 5 “All Bets Off”
– Open the kitchen cabinet to find Dorothy’s bike helmet from Season 6 “There Goes the Bride”
– Blanche’s Commemorative Citrus Festival Ball Plate (glued back together) from Season 5 “Ebb Tide”
– Look for the deck of cards Rose used with Gene in Season 2 “Isn’t it Romantic?”
– Rose’s “R” Cups from Season 5 “72 Hours”
– Rose’s Teddy Bear Fernando from Season 3, “Old Friends”
– Baggie of Egg Yolks from Season 5 “Sick and Tired”
– and of course, a cheesecake from, well… almost every episode :)”

Available from EverydayMiniatures on Etsy for $175

9. This was my favorite dollhouse growing up. Full of infinite possibilities, free, and guaranteed to provide hours of creative fun.