IMG_0065 IMG_0064Whenever I travel I like to seek out the quirky places where I know I will feel more at home. Yesterday in Ocean Springs, MS I came across a coffee shop that used to be a greenhouse. Think about that for a moment… Let’s take an area that is naturally hot and humid and find a building that is even hotter and make it into a coffee shop. On paper it seems like a bad idea, a non-starter, but in reality it’s wonderful. I didn’t know much about the place when I walked through the doors yesterday, I’d asked Siri about coffee shops and he’d (my Siri is a he, an English bloke) given me a list, a little clicking later and enthralled by the photographs I found we headed to The Greenhouse on Porter.

On their website they describe the Greenhouse as:

“Currently a coffee, biscuit, beer and art shop, but it will grow into something magical and unknown.”

and I believe them. We sat with a few locals and they told us of evenings of art and music, flea markets and vegetable selling. If I lived in Ocean Springs this would be my coffee shop – in a greenhouse. 

Sometimes ideas look terrible on paper, but that’s not where you build ideas and help them grow into “something magical and unknown”.

Find out more about the Greenhouse on Porter on their website and if you are in the area stop in for a coffee and a biscuit, you will be treated as a friend and a local immediately.

If you are in Ocean Springs and love quirky you could do worse than stop for lunch in the Good Karma Cafe, an Indian cafe tucked in the back of a gas station, while we were there a duo were practicing their Irish music set, and the food (a set menu each day) was delicious.

I am not paid to write about these places, they don’t even know who I am – I just love ideas that work (and this place works).