Of course it made me look when Lego announced they were launching a London Bus, those of us who used the Routemaster a lot have a fondness for it, and some embarrassing tales of that time we tried to jump on or off as it was moving (yes, it was a little dangerous). The Lego version soon had me grinning at the clever little things – the fact it’s destination was Brickston (Brixton) – and stopping at Brickadilly Circus made my day. Small touches like the umbrella stand, used ticket box and the newspaper add to the build but I know what happens if you try and open a can of drink on a moving bus. All they need to add is a chatty Bus Conductor.  The London Bus is available from August 1st (or join the free VIP Club and get it early (July 17th).

This is not an affiliate link, or paid in any way, nor do I get a free bus… the word Brickston just made me laugh and I wanted to share it with you. Find out more here.