joy-division-unknown-pleasures-3D-printed-long-600x800joy-division-t-shirt-hrWhen I was at college everyone had  Unknown Pleasures Poster from Joy Division seemed to be on every wall (next to The Smiths) so when I saw this 3D printed version, it made me smile. 3D printing is changing the world we live in, and now it’s changing the past too. The poster is the visual depiction of the first pulsar signal ever recorded. (I always thought that was pretty cool) and was designed by Peter Saville.

Interaction Design Professor at Hof University Michael Zöllner created this, and has made it available for download so you can print one too (if you have a 3D printer around (and if you do, call me). What band or movie poster would you make in 3D?

More info and video here (via design milk)