Last week I was getting a lesson in coffee (yes I was at The Lab who sponsor this blog) – I learned the difference between French Press, Clever Coffee and a Pour-over (yes you can taste it). Guess which one I order?

Anyway back to the story, last week I was getting a lesson in coffee and I was introduced to TONX – Thomas knows I love businesses with personality – he showed me the letter they send out with their coffee – it’s beautifully written and made me smile. They roast their coffee and ship it out within 24 hours – and the cup I had the other day was so delicious that I swear I could taste the fun they obviously have producing it (Ok so I couldn’t exactly taste it, but just knowing they love what they do helps).

If you need to know more visit their website – any site where the FAQ’s include “Can I have a pony?” is good with me. Be careful – if you love good coffee you’ll end up signing up to get some shipped. I did.

Their site is written in real speak (as I call it)… it treats you like a human, with little reassurances, explanations and little things that make you smile – their are lots of businesses that can learn from that  (and no, I don’t work for them – I’m a ‘one cup of coffee’ and I’m converted fan).

UPDATE: I just read the email confirming my trial packet of coffee and notice the email address – – you have to love that. How many companies use “noreply” ?- what kind of message is that to your customers? Nice one Tonx.