This morning I popped into a local coffee shop (cafcohen) and ordered a J-co, it’s a small drink that is made from drops of heaven (and it also has chocolate and coffee in it). While sipping it (to make it last as long as possible) I was thinking… you see the J-co isn’t on the menu. It’s existence is spread by word of mouth (and the occasional blog post), it makes people feel like they are in on a secret, a local, a friend. It’s not uncommon here (Lafayette, LA) for things to be ‘off-menu’ – one of the most popular mexican style restaurants in town does a brisk trade in fried chicken that doesn’t appear anywhere on the menu.

Is there something in your business that is ‘off-menu’ – something passed on from customer to customer, rather than posted on Facebook? Something that can make your client base feel like insiders?