Need a quote to start your day – just open Facebook or Instagram and you will bombarded by perfect sunsets overlaid with words to motivate you, men standing on mountains pointing you towards adventures, and beach scenes covered in life advice. Now InspiroBot can provide you with endless Instagram ready images, the only catch (and by catch, I mean delight) is that this is artificial intelligence – and as the site explains it is “dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.” – The quotes can actually be randomly inspirational, but are just as likely to make no sense at all (rather like much of Facebook).

Warning: Like most pointless things that humans do, this can get addictive… you will have to hit that generate button a number of times…

The clever thing here (apart from the beauty that randomness can reveal and the laughing at ourselves for endlessly falling for pretty quotes ) is that they have also set up a link to Zazzle and you can buy any of your inspirational images on a mug – good thinking guys, I hope you make a whole load of money, although remember “money can’t climb a monkey without love” – A quote I have decided to live by.

Find the InspiroBot here – it will make your day (and maybe your life) better.