Yes I know it’s Wednesday today – this is my weekly column that was published in The Daily Advertiser yesterday (Tuesday) – thought you may like it.

Well it’s Tuesday again. Tuesdays don’t really have much going for them as a day – they don’t have the bad reputation of a Monday or the ‘hump day’ nickname of a Wednesday, they are not near enough Friday to be celebrated the way Thursday is, and they are way to far from the weekend to even factor in.

When I look on Facebook there is always someone wishing their day away. Hoping it is Friday, or five o’clock, or next month. When you think about how short life is, Tuesday become pretty important. So does every other day.

If you are really spending your working day dreaming of not being there, then maybe you need to look into changing jobs. I know there are bad days, and days you miss your kids, but on the whole if your work doesn’t make you smile once in a while maybe you shouldn’t waste another Tuesday – you never know when it may be your last.

It’s hard when we are looking forward to something to appreciate the time we spend ‘waiting’ – we count down the days without realizing how important each one of them can be. Anticipation is an important factor in enjoying our lives, I read a study last week that said that we enjoy events more when we have lived through a period of anticipation about them. (The three ways we enjoy something are Looking forward, Doing it, and Remembering it). I’m all for looking forward, creating goals and spending a little time daydreaming about your future, in fact it’s essential, but there has to be a balance.

Dismissing any day of the week as just another twenty-four hours to get through before it’s the weekend seems like such a waste. It seems like it is human nature to take for granted the one thing that we should appreciate more than any other – time.

So I’m sticking up for Tuesdays. It’s just as cool as Friday and just as important as Monday. Obviously I’m only talking about Tuesday because it’s the day that this column is published, I have no actual allegiance to Tuesday and if this column was published on Thursday or Sunday I would be vehemently defending that twenty-four hours. It’s not about Tuesday, it’s about time, it’s about our lives.

Let’s stop waiting for stuff and enjoy the time we have. Yes, spend time looking forward and dreaming of the great times ahead, but let’s make sure we leave time for now. For today. For Tuesday.