A friend posted this very clever loyalty card on Facebook yesterday and started me thinking… (Thanks John) This is for London coffee house, Tapped & Packed and the rubber stamp that puts the man on the bicycle just makes me grin (via famousfivestyle). Perfect. I have photos from this place last year when I was in London (my home town) and can’t believe I missed such a wonderful piece of clever design. I’ll just have to go back.

This loyalty card for Chocolate Bar (left) plays on their regular clients’ sweet tooth. I’m not sure I would love the constant dental reminder but it’s definitely clever. From Greynyc, via Ads of the world.

I like this card (right) for La Latina, a tapas bar in Perth, Australia (my father’s home town) – it’s sweet and I love that you have to try a whole range of things to get your free Paella (mmmmm) from natalija.com (who also designed it).


The Awful Waffle went for pure beauty – I’m not sure I would want to give this card up although if their waffles taste as good as this card looks I’d probably be persuaded.  Via Rowley Press