It’s not a secret but it may be news to you – I live in a white house – not all white, of course – some of the floors are wood, and we have an orange chair, Ok so it’s mostly white. A few years ago we were looking for our ideal dining room table (large, white) and just couldn’t find what we wanted. We ended up using 3 cheap Ikea tables (just for now) and found we loved the flexibility they gave us. We could move around the arrangement and seat 2 – 14 people easily. As we have used them they have gotten a little scratched and worse for wear (they were very inexpensive) so a couple of weeks ago we painted them – with blackboard paint. They look great, have already provided endless hours of fun, and seem to be wearing well. I can’t wait till Christmas!

UPDATE: Here is a link to an article on 25 ways to use chalkboard paint – should kickstart some ideas