but only when I’m flying KLM.

In a beautiful move that says “We care” – KLM have introduced Sherlock, a rather cute beagle, to work in it’s lost and found department. Watch the cuteness in the video below. Of course, they remind you that you can also use social media to let them know you left something behind, but that doesn’t have the same warm fuzzy feeling to it. (read below for my verdict on the clever and the sad unclever truth  in this video)

The Clever stuff :Storytelling, brand building and that awww factor. We may even start liking an airline again.

The Unclever stuff: Sherlock doesn’t actually work for KLM at all, he’s just a marketing ploy, like hiring Paris Hilton to sell something for you (only he’s much cuter). They lost a a bit of trust with this one and may now be actually considering hiring Sherlock (or another dog just as cute)

(original story via design taxi)